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By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

***Winter sports can bring equipment challenges..please be prepared with clothing changes, money, food and drinks. Drivers please have chains available and all safety equipment.
***If you are uncertain what to wear please call any guide. PLEASE bring ... $4.00 carpool money to help the driver with expenses.....Thank you.
Please, NO COTTON CLOTHES for winter activities. ***If you are a beginner skier...please call any guide for required equipment to be safe on the mountain. This is a wonderful sport and very popular!!!!
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UPWARD TRAILS-2003-2014!!!--

UPWARD TRAILS --2003!!!--

JANUARY 4th..2003..BEGINNERS Cross-country ski tour!! Shahli Falls...EASY....5 miles ON THE TRAIL lessons.

Call Jacque 503-663-0311
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JANUARY 11th..2003..Cross-country ski Trillium Lake. Very popular trail of 5 miles.

call Jim 503-644-2344
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FEBRUARY 1..2003.Cross-country ski TeaCup Lake. Advanced beginner tour. Nice trails.

Call Jacque at 503-663-0311
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FEBRUARY 22ND.2003..Saturday CROSS COUNTRY SKI TOUR A quality advanced beginner tour of BENNET PASS. Enjoy the views from the ridge and 'the hill'.

For information call Jacque at 503-663-0311
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MARCH 1st..2003.SATURDAY CROSS COUNTRY SKI TOUR Enjoy the serenity of POCKET CREEK. This is a 7 mile loop for intermediate skiers.

Please call Jacque at 503-663-0311
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DECEMBER 13th..2003.CROSS COUNTRY SKI TOUR. PLENTY of snow.. plenty of views... plenty of 'camp robbers'to steal your lunch...plenty of inhaling and exhaling and heart beat!!!

For info. call the guides Jacque at 503-633-0311 or Jim at 503-644-2344
--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

December 20th.2003..shopping day for Christmas

DECEMBER 27th..2003..CROSS-COUNTRY SKI...ADVANCED BEGINNERS. (Means, can stand up and move and glide some) Very popular TRILLIUM LAKE TRAIL....walk the downward part optional. Gorgeous views of Mt. Hood if clear.

Guide: Jacque 503-663-0311 (Meet at Gresham Fred Meyers but please call Jacque first.)
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UPWARD TRAILS --2004!!!--

JANUARY 2004--

JANUARY 24th..2004.Cross-country ski the WEST LEG ROAD. This is a popular covered road going up to Timberline Lodge from the rest stop at Government Camp. This tour is 5-8 miles and you MUST be able to glide on some intermediate downhill areas.

For information call Jacque at 503-663-0311
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FEBRUARY 7th..2004..Join Jacque and Jim on a cross-country ski tour on the MUD CREEK LOOP trail. This is a 10 mile loop with views of Mt. Hood and very fun for experienced skiers.

For information call Jim at 503-644-2344 or Jacque at 503-663-0311
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FEBRUARY 21st.2004..A cross-country ski tour for advanced beginners. Join Jacque in the beautiful HEATHER CANYON tour. 5 miles of neverending scenes to photo!!

For information call Jacque at 503-663-0311
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MARCH 2004--

MARCH 20TH..2004...Perhaps the LAST 'tour' of the season!! CROSS-COUNTY SKI pretty BENNETT PASS with Jaque!!! This snow covered road on the south side of Mt. Hood gives nice views and visits by 'camp robbers'. 5 miles advanced beginners (you need to be able to glide some)

Group meet at Gresham Fred Meyers at 9am. Guide: Jacque at 503-663-0311
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UPWARD TRAILS --2005!!!--

JANUARY 2005--

JANUARY 22nd...2005...Cross-country ski time!!! ** Bad Ski conditions -- So, We will do Plan -B- Hike to Wahkeena Falls. ** Glide on top the snow around very popular Trillium Lake. This scenic snow covered road is a 5 mile loop.

Call Jim and Polly for details....503-644-2344
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March --2005--

March 5th –2005-SKI INTO MARCH!!!!!!Join Upward Trails Guides DONN WELLS and family and Karen Graves with her six teen age boys in BEGINNING CROSS COUNTRY SKI LESSONS!!!!!! This will be a beginning tour in the SKIBOWL/GOVERNMENT CAMP area. (Subject to change depending on snow and wather conditions). Meet at Sandy McDonalds at 9 a.m.and proceed to the Winter Fox ski rental shop. .

For information call Donn at 503-408-0875.
Picture Of Guides Picture Of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

UPWARD TRAILS--2006!!!--

January ..2006--

JANUARY 28th..2006..Sat.. ...Put on the boards!! CROSS COUNTRY ski VERY popular TRILLIUM LAKE....yes, walk the hill! Great views of Mt. Hood across this beautiful frozen lake.
For information call Jim and Polly at 503-644-2344
--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

FEBRUARY ..2006--

FEBRUARY 18th..2006..Sat.. OPEN -?

FEBRUARY 25th..2006..Sat.. ...BEGINNING CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING. Learn HOW!! Multopor Meadows... about 5-6 mileseasy short and almost flat trail with food and warm at the lodge at the far end before looping back. GREAT TIME TO LEARN or try this sport out to see if you have further interest.
For information call Jacque at 503-663-0311 or Trudy at 503-648-9267

--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

MARCH ..2006--

MARCH 18th..2006..Sat.. – Cross-country ski Teacup Lake. Easy to moderate. 5-6 miles.
Call Jacque 503-663-0311 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

December ..2006--

December 23th...2006..Sat. – Open- " Merry Christmas "
December 30th...2006..Sat. – Easy, beginning Cross-country Skiing. 5 mile loop starting at Ski Bowl Road.
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Trudy 503-648-9267. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides ---Picture of Area

UPWARD TRAILS--2007!!!--

January ..2007--

January 1st...2007..Mon. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

January..20th..2007..Sat – Your choice. Snowshoe or Ski beautiful Trillium Lake. 5-6 miles. Outstanding views of Mt. Hood.
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Trudy 503-648-9267. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides


February ..2007--

February..3rd..2007..Sat – Cross-country Ski Teacup Lake. 5-6 miles.
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Gary 503-261-3571. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

February..10th..2007..Sat –Meet the New Guides in training! Beginning Cross-country Ski Bennet Pass Road 3550. OR Snowshoe Barlow Pass Trail 670. 5 to 10 miles round trip.
Call Jason & Rochelle Hougak 503-860-6694.

March ..2007--

March 3rd...2007..Sat. –Cross-country Ski Westleg Road.
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Trudy 503-648-9267. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

April ..2007--

April 7th...2007..Sat. –Cross-country ski Pocket Creek. 5.4 miles. .
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Trudy 503-648-9267.Gary 503-261-3571 --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

UPWARD TRAILS--2008!!!--

January ..2008--

January 1st...2008... HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

January 5th...2008..Sat.— Snowshoe or X-country ski around TRILLIUM LAKE. About 2 miles, mostly level.
Call Dave 503-668-8950. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

January 19th...2008.Sat.— Beginning X-country ski in the SKI BOWL area. 4 easy miles with training.
Call Jacque 503-668-1081 or Trudy 503-648-9267. --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

---Larger-Picture ---Picture ---Picture

February ..2008--

February 16th...2008.Sat.— X-country ski around TEACUP LAKE. 5-6 m. total. Easy to moderate.
Call Gary 503-261-3571 or Jacque 503-668-1081.

--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides

UPWARD TRAILS--2009!!!--

February ..2009--

Feb 14th...2009..—
—Sat. X-Country Skiing at Tea Cup Lake on the east side of Mt. Hood. Eat at Paola's Pizza Barn in Sandy afterward.
Call Seth 503-522-7205

January ..2011

SAT.Jan. 1st..New! ....New Year.s Day snowshoe on the Riverside Trail - if snow is low enough. 5.2 miles round trip. 300 ft. elev. Gain. This trail follows the upper Clackamas River near Ripplebrook area. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.or Trudy 503 648-9267 Picture of Guides

February ..2011

SAT.Feb. 5th.. .... Celebrate Seth,s birthday with him on his traditional birthday X-country ski trip to Trillium Lake. 2 miles one way if from main trailhead. Possible stop to Paola,s Pizza in Sandy. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.
SAT.Feb. 12th.. .... X-country ski to Pocket Creek. 6-8 miles. Call Jim and Polly 503-644-2344 Picture of Guides Picture of Guides


Sat.Feb.2nd 2013 2nd – Cross Country Ski to Teacup Lake or Pocket Creek to help Seth celebrate his 40th birthday. Hope to stop at Paola’s Pizza in Sandy afterward. About 4 miles total. (40 m. from meeting place) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Jan.25th.2014.. Beginner Cross-country ski. We’ll teach you some basics, Then ski to Sahalie Falls at the base of a historic bridge. 2 miles of groomed trails on a section of the old highway 35. Gentle hill up, then a fun glide down. Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Trudi 503-484-7998


Sat.Feb..1st.2014.New. Mt. Adams area X-country ski. Ski groomed logging roads. Gain and mileage unknown yet. (Pine side or Smith Butte area or out of Carson/Wind River Road.) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

(If you are NOT getting the schedule by email...and would like to, please call 503-630-4385 or email the office......I have messsed up our addresses some.

Thank you...Karen) ___
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