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MOLALLA Outdoor Adventures...2011

By: Karen Graves - Director


HIKES EVERY FIRST AND THIRD SATURDAY............JUNE 2011 through October 2011

MEETING PLACE FOR SUMMER 2011 by McDonalds at the intersection of highway 213 and 211.
Please bring water and food. Also an extra jacket and umbrella if raining. Heavy wind and rain will cancel hike.
Saturday June 4th,2011..
Start our hiking season with the WARM UP TRAIL....a short pretty trail at the start of the Hardy Creek trail system. From there we will enjoy the QUARRY TRAIL and hike 1 1/2 mile to hidden 45 foot HIDEAWAY FALLS. Several scenic areas along the way including a brief walk along the river.
Call Karen at 503-919-9027.

Saturday June 18th,2011..
...We will start this day with a short walk to the scenic overlook where PINE CREEK merges with the Molalla River. Also this will give you photos of the east side of BLACKBEAR ROCK. THEN we will head for the HORSE CREEK NARROWS trail and pretty RILEY FALLS. On this short hike we will visit the entry and exit of the Molalla River through the Horse Creek Narrows using trail 270 and 350 to see the area. In the exit area is a nice rock to climb for photo opportunities.

Saturday July 2nd,2011..
...Warm up our hiking legs on the WELCOME TRAIL, a short walk to rivers edge. The YELLOW GATE trail will then be our destination hiking to the VIEWPOINT with an option to see ANNIES CABIN. This trail starts VERY UPHILL for a quarter of a mile then joins the Hardy Creek trail systems HUCKLEBERRY TRAIL which is an easy trail area. We will cross SHOTGUN CREEK and after our hike could take a peek at SHOTGUN FALLS!!

Saturday July 16th,2011..
...Adventure into HIDING BEAR PARK for a warm up very pretty area then we will get our breath and climb just over a mile on a gated road to AQUILLA VISTA. ready...enjoyable.

Saturday August 6th,2011..
...We will travel just outside the 'Corridor' stopping at McKay Falls then driving to CAMP DAKOTA for a short visit before plunging down a rather 'interesting' road to ABIQUA FALLS. This trail is very short but very steep. All ages can accomplish this trail as we will take it very slow going down and coming back up. This is one of the most scenic falls in the area so bring a camera!!!!

Saturday August 20th,2011..
...BOOTS in AUGUST time!!!..please wear waterproof boots or bring a couple extra pair shoes. Thank you. TWO very short but scenic STREAM WALKING 'trails'. First one goes to a pretty waterfalls about 100 yards of stream walking. Secondly we will just enjoy a pretty stream walk. We will also see large logs in a stream where a bridge was washed out a few years ago in the 'young' Molalla. VERY scenic narrows lend to a great picnic, family area. Oh yes, a rock quarry with white threads of Quartz...and yes, where there is Quartz, there is gold. This was the area of a historic 100 year old gold mine

Saturday September 3rd,2011..
...Again, just outside the Molalla River Recreational Corridor...visit very scenic BUTTE CREEK FALLS. Just barely over a mile scenic view of THREE waterfalls one of which we can walk BEHIND. Then...option....THE TOWER....for those who would like...we will drive to THE TOWER for a great scenic view. The tower is a metal tower with steps!!

Saturday September 17th,2011..
...Check out KOLO FALLS and 5-D's FALLS on the way to hike the circle of JOYCE LAKE. We will include a short drive to overlook the Bagby Hot Springs area, Bull of the Woods, Mt. Jefferson area and Opal Creek area. Also, we will stop at a gated road and walk 50 yards to a view point of Table Rock.

Saturday October 1st,2011..
...Here we go.....PHOTO READY....we will hike to PECHUCK LOOKOUT. This trail starts out steep for abit of a mile then levels off enough to give us a nice break before reaching the old fire lookout station and all the surrounding view of the snow caps!! Younger kids would struggle with this trail.

Saturday October 15th,2011..
...Finish the season with a return to the QUARRY TRAIL and scenic HIDEAWAY FALLS....we will also view a 'cave' of sorts that the kyakers avoid and we can stop of SHOTGUN FALLS on the way home. I cannot be assured we can get to the upper falls of Shotgun at this time of the year but perhaps.


• Saturday March 13,2010..
Start the summer slow and easy but very pretty at BUTTE CREEK FALLS and a stop at scenic Scotts Mills Falls. Butte Creek is 1 1/4 mile loop with three to walk behind
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday March 27,2010..
..Lets get to SHELLBERG FALLS while the water is running full. One mile TO the falls with two additional falls within a couple hundred yards. One falls to go behind!!
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

April ..2010

• Saturday April 3,2010..
...First time...come help FIND CORBIN LAKE and PELKEY the Molalla Recreation Corridor!!! Hike total about four miles with some uphill. Of course we will stop at SHOTGUN FALLS!!!!
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday April 10,2010..
...SPORTSMAN SHOW at Molalla Nazarene church....come see our slides and information. ALSO....TWO PM...a short driving tour into the Molalla Recreation Corridor for scenic/trail information. Tour will start from the Sportsman show...and WILL include SHOTGUN FALLS.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday April 17,2010..
...BUTTE LAKE AND BUTTE CREEK mile into three little lakes with scenic photo opps. Then for those who want we will drop into Butte Creek Falls!!!
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday April 24,2010..
...Exercise? Walk in, through and out of SIX COVERED BRIDGES. We will drive to each and enjoy!!! Lunch at a nice riverside park. Slow and easy your own car or ride the van.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

May ..2010

• Saturday May 1,2010..
....Return, hopefully to CORBIN and PELKEY LAKES in the Molalla River Corridor. We can also grab a short trip to SHOTGUN FALLS.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday May 8,2010..
...EXPLORE THE MOLALLA RIVER Joyce Lake, climb No-Horn Butte, two short hikes to a viewpoint and SHOT GUN FALLS!!! • Saturday May 15,2010..
...SPRING FLING in MOLALLA!!!! Activities throughout the day. Come find the animals in the NEW WILHOIT SPRINGS mural!!! Come see our 'booth' in the park. Let's talk 'hiking'!!!!! ALSO....sign up for some bike trips around the town..beginning and short!!!
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday May 22,2010..
...Visit HENLINE FALLS...AND Salmon Falls, Three Pools and Sullivan Falls. One mile to Henline Falls. Very, Very the Opal Creek area....Elkhorn area.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday May 29,2010..
...DOUBLE FALLS...can ya take it?? ABIQUA FALLS....less then one mile but down hill!!!! Butte Creek Falls...a 'buffet' of falls!!!!!! Take photos from behind the water falling! NICE.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

June ..2010

• Saturday June 5,2010..
...Return to SHELLBERG FALLS....we want to catch these falls early in the season for the most water. Very scenic. One mile into falls.....perhaps a 'geo-cache' on the way??
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Sat. and Sun. June 12 and 13, 2010..
.....Sat. NIGHT AND Sunday SPECIAL Time to camp...wayyyyyyyyyy out there!!! REMOTE CAMPING....use your car...CALL for reservation 503-919-9027 and information. Hike around Joyce Lake and up No-Horn Butte.....sleep with sweeping view of the "Bull of the Woods" area and Mt. Jefferson. Yes, you are welcome to join us Saturday a.m. Bring COFFEE.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• June 17,2010..
>>>>>>>>HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIKE TOUR is the third SATURDAY, EACH MONTH, STARTING IN JUNE.....JUNE 19th. .....EASY TO DIFFICULT BIKE RIDES..... FAMILY RIDE of under TWO MILES along the Molalla River Corridor, SEE SHOTGUN FALLS, safety vehicles and helpers!!!! Bike club riding along!!! ADVANCED RIDE.....oh wow, ya gotta be good!!!!! Call for information 503-919-9027 and reservation for the advanced ride. Family rides from 2 to 8 miles along the CORRIDOR.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

• Saturday June 26,2010..
.....Beautiful area.....HENLINE FALLS...the guides 'favorite'!!! Also, time to walk around Salmon Falls, Three Pools and photo Sullivan Falls
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

..The last of our hiking program for the year.....hike a scenic 'view' trail overlooking Blackbear Rock and Pine Creek bridge....with visits to Shot Gun Falls.

Saturday hikes meet at BJ’s Coffee Shop at 10 a.m. Sunday hikes meet at Dickey Prairie Store at 1 p.m.
More information can be found at As a responsible back country hiker, please remember to bring food, water and a jacket.
There is no charge for the hikes. E-mail questions to, or call (503) 919-9027.


Unless otherwise stated...ALL SATURDAY HIKES WILL MEET AT MOLALLA McDONALDS 213th/211th at TEN A.M. ALL SUNDAY HIKES, unless stated, WILL MEET AT DICKEY PRAIRIE STORE at time stated.
CALL for information for all Wednesday tours... E-mail questions to, or call (503) 919-9027.
On Molalla River Corridor hikes we have an option to walk the 30 to 60 paces into Shotgun Falls.
On hikes to Butte Creek Falls and Butte Lakes we will take the option to visit Scotts Mills falls and Wilhoit Mineral Springs. Bring a water bottle for mineral water.

July ..2010

Saturday July 3rd,2010.. ....Butte Creek Falls..close to Molalla. one mile loop. Very scenic and photo ready for your family. Three waterfalls, one you can walk behind.
Sunday July 4th,2010.. ....FREE!! Giant parade and then the Quarry Trail at Dickey Prairie Store. Hike 1 1/2 mile easy trail to 50 foot waterfalls. Scenic hiking.
Saturday July 10th,2010.. ....FREE!! EnjoyJunior 'muttin' bustin' to bull riding, roping and more. Stand very close for good camera opportunity. ALSO.. CLARKE PARK BBQ cookoff!!! Informative TOURS of the CORRIDOR!!! PLUS..UNDERSTANDING GEO-CACHE ACTIVITY…what, why and how!!!! 5pm at Clark Park by sign on the corner.
Sunday July 11th,2010.. ....FREE!! EnjoyJunior 'muttin' bustin' to bull riding, roping and more. Stand very close for good camera opportunity. ALSO.. CLARKE PARK BBQ cookoff!!! Informative TOURS of the CORRIDOR!!! PLUS..UNDERSTANDING GEO-CACHE ACTIVITY…what, why and how!!!! 5pm at Clark Park by sign on the corner.
Saturday July 17th,2010.. ....Guide is attending a wedding. Email the office for directions to the Quarry Trail head.
Sunday July 18th,2010.. peddling in the CORRIDOR....2 miles, 4 miles or 8 miles. Visit Shotgun Falls, picnic. Safety vehicles on duty and shuttle. No charge. Call 503-919-9027/ for reservation and meeting information.
Saturday July 24th,2010.. .....Shellberg Falls... Hikea 1 1/4 to see three waterfalls. Stand on the brink of one, go behind the second one and cautiously stand in awe of the third. Those living south of Molalla call for meeting place.
Sunday July 25th,2010.. ......Quarry Trail..return to the Corridor..close to home. One and one half scenic miles to Hideaway Falls. Camera ready.
Saturday July 31st,2010.. .....Junior Rodeo. Catch the 'National Anthem" at 12 o'clock. THEN....The "Narrows" Trail.....Under two miles total we will go to two locations off one trail for a viewpoint of the river and to enjoy riverside. Sit on a large rock by a large 'pool' for a good photo opportunity. This hike will start from Dickey Prairie store at TWO PM.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

August ..2010

Sunday August 1st,2010.. .....Butte Lakes..close to Molalla we hike 1 1/4 into three small scenic lakes. On the way home we will drive the back roads DOWN Horse Creek road to the Corridor!!
Saturday August 7th,2010.. ...Henline Falls..a guides favorite!!! Scenic 50 mile drive includes Salmon Falls, Three Pools, Sullivan Falls and a mile hike to awesome HENLINE FALLS. Treat yourself at the Ginger Bread House on the way home!! Yes, there is a mine shaft.
Sunday August 8th,2010.. ...Butte Creek Falls...return again close to home to scenic popular three falls area. Photo opportunities on a foot bridge and behind the falls.
Saturday August 14th,2010.. ...BEFORE the driving tour.....FREE ADMISSION to Junior the best of kids compete. stand above the bull chutes for the noon National Anthem...DRIVING TOUR..will be a TWO PM START....Grand Canyon of the Molalla, scenic view of Dorothy Lake, Nohorn Butte and Table Rock, Joyce Lake option to hike trail around the lake, scenic view of Bull of the Woods area and Mt. Jefferson and then a very short hike to have a nice view of Table Rock.
Sunday August 15th,2010.. .....The Narrows Trail...return to scenic Molalla River rocks and pools. Close to home and very nice!!! Bring GPS to find a GEO-CACHE!!!
Saturday August 21st,2010.. biking....short distances...see above.
Sunday August 22nd,2010.. .....RESERVATION ONLY TRIP…we will be enjoying the history and view of OGLE MINE. Call or email for reservation. Thank you. Karen
Saturday August 28th,2010.. ...10 a.m. At McDonalds..hike to Peachuck Lookout...Located past the pavement of the Molalla River we will drive a 'backroad' to park and hike into this historic lookout. The mountains will be beautiful. We will change this hike if it is poor weather. For those not wanting a more difficult hike...this is also JUNIOR RODEO admission, stand up close.
Sunday August 29th,2010.. ....Butte Lakes..return to the beauty of our area. Three small lakes. Photo ready with stumps in the water giving reflections for the camera ready!!! We will take a car side trip to Rhody Lake.
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

September ..2010

Saturday September 4th,2010.. ...Butte Creek Falls...The pool under upper falls will be 'feet' ready for you!! Nice photos from behind the falls looking out with the water at a low level.
Sunday September 5th,2010.. ....Tour the Corridor This is an INFORMATION tour for you and your family. Where to hike, camp, swim in the designated Corridor area. Time allowed: 3 hours. Includes two very short hikes.
Monday September 6th,2010.. .....Quarry Trail……bring GPS to find a GEO-CACHE. Close to home!
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.SEPT. 11th..
Abiqua Falls...stunning rock walls!! Tough 1/4 mile downhill but very do-able...we will take it slow. Then another 1/4 mile. ALSO...visit the waterfalls at Scotts Mills AND Butte Creek Falls, a mile loop viewing three waterfalls, one you can walk behind. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.SEPT. 12th.....Driving tour...See Joyce Lake, Bull of Woods viewpoint, No-horn Butte, Table Rock and we will point out the places to see a 'seasonal' 100 foot falls. Walk 30 paces to lower Shotgun Falls and a view of Upper Shotgun Falls. We will use a rope to hold if you want to walk another 30 paces to the upper falls. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.SEPT. 18th.....Just over one mile switchbacks then another mile fairly easy to PEACHUCK LOOKOUT....absolutely awesome ready. Bring a good amount of water and lunch..jacket for sure... hike will be changed if weather not good. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.SEPT. 19th.....VIEWPOINT TRAIL...overlook Blackbear Rock (Party Rock). 1/4 mile uphill trail..slow and do-able. Also, a side trip to SHOTGUN FALLS. BEGINNER MOUNTAIN BIKERS WELCOME! Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.SEPT. 25th.....BUTTE LAKES...visit three small lakes..close to him.One mile hike to the lakes... 25 miles drive on scenic backcountry roads. THEN visit Rhody Lake and a view of the waterfalls flowing out of the lake. We will return to town via WILHOIT Springs and taste the chilly mineral water. yumm. BEGINNER MOUNTAIN BIKERS WELCOME. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.SEPT. 26th......Return to recently opened ABIQUA FALLS. NOTE: CHANGE OF MEETING PLACE.... Meet at Molalla McDonalds at ONE PM. Picture of Guide

October ..2010

SAT.OCT. 2nd.......Return to beautiful BUTTE CREEK FALLS..three falls in a one mile loop 22 miles from Molalla. Special and popular!! On the way home we stop at Wilhoit Mineral Springs for a cool 'mineral' drink. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.OCT. 3rd........Hike the river trail from Feyrer Park...and play "I SPY" at the park!! Flat trail about two miles round trip. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.OCT. 9th.......Popular....TABLE ROCK TRAIL....HUFF and PUFF out the whole seven miles...up to very scenic TABLE ROCK...across the top and down past the ROOSTER ROCK area. We will provide a shuttle. This hike will be led by Dave and Lynn...Upward Trails guides. Karen will run shuttle. If you would like to hike near the top and back with Karen and then join the shuttle that is an option for you or drive your car to an area the van drop you. Call for information...Karen at 503-919-9027 Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.OCT. 10th.........Hike the mile on the HORSE CREEK NARROWS trail...close to home and very scenic. See the beginning and end of the 'NARROWS". Also, we can slip into Shotgun Falls. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.OCT. 16th.......Time to go out of the area....HENLINE FALLS...THREE POOLS....SALMON FALLS...(Sullivan Falls if we have time!!!) 50 mile scenic drive through the foothills south of Silverton for all the sights. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.OCT. 17th.........Hike 1 1/2 miles one way on the scenic QUARRY TRAIL in the Molalla River Corridor. View the 'log deck', cross a scenic bridge and continue to "Hide away" falls. BEGINNING MOUNTAIN BIKERS WELCOME. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.OCT. 23rd.......Check it out..a new hike...Pine Creek gated road. Hike three miles to small bridges over Pine Creek and Baurer Creek. Or...hike as far as you can and return to the car....if hiking away from the group, dogs can be off leash. BEGINNING MOUNTAIN BIKERS WELCOME. Call for information 503-919-9027 Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.OCT. 24th........Three short hikes in the Molalla RIver "WILD AND SCENIC" Corridor. The 'Welcome trail", the "Warm-up trail" , "Shotgun Falls". Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.OCT. 30th.......Remember the switchbacks for a mile up to the lookout....same switchbacks to ROOSTER ROCK...scenic meadow, views!!!!! Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

Sun.OCT. 31st.......Halloween...Family hike on the Quarry Trail....KIDS bring a small..really small toy......we will bury it and then next year come back and find it!!!! Beginner mountain bikers welcome.


November ..2010

SAT.NOV. 6th.......Let's take another look at SHELLBERG FALLS...THREE waterfalls within a mile and one fourth way. Stand on the brink of two and go behind the third. Fairly easy walking Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.NOV. 13th......ABIQUA FALLS....depending on trail conditions....if to muddy then we will return to BUTTE CREEK FALLS after stopping first at a falls in Scotts Mills. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.NOV. 20th.......Scenic driving...IF weather down Horse Creek Road....view a 65 foot HIDDEN waterfalls plus the 'cement' bridge?" which is designed for water to go OVER not under. 10 miles gravel downhill. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.NOV. 27th......WALK off the beautiful THANKSGIVING MEAL...on the QUARRY TRAIL.... 1 1/2 mile to HIDEAWAY FALLS. Scenic...WEATHER DEPENDING.

December ..2010

SAT.DEC. 4th......Short hike to ANNES CABIN in the 'CORRIDOR" and also SHOTGUN FALLS!!! We will show you a 'seasonal' falls if the water is running. Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

SAT.DEC. 11th.......LAST HIKE OF THE SEASON....... Short Hike on the 'HORSE CREEK" trail...also, if falls "FALLING" we will drive up the Middle Fork and view several 'seasonal' falls including 120 footer!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Karen and the Upward Trails staff. "He" is the 'reason' for the season. SEE YOU IN MID-MARCH!!!!

All hikes compliments of Karen Graves and 503-919-9027
Picture of Guide Call Karen 503-919-9027

July 7th....HIKE...Butte Creek Falls and Wilhoit Springs
July 14th....Driving tour...Down Horse Creek road to the CORRIDOR.
July 21st...Hike...Butte Lakes.
July 28th.... ..Drive tour...Scio tour of six covered bridges.
August 4th.... ..Quarry Trail
August 11th.... ...Driving tour...Wilhoit Springs, Silverton murals, Mt.Angel.
August 18th.... ...The Narrows Trail
August 25th.... ...Driving Canyon of the Molalla to view point beyond Joyce Lake. 25 miles of decent gravel.

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