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THIS is how 20 thousand people were introduced, many for the first time, to UPWARD TRAILS.....!!! Thank you Karen A. for your great out of door 'look' and Carol for your"hiking" 'tee shirt' and walking 2.3 miles on pavement holding our banner proud and secure. Karen and Carol were accompanied by Dave and Lynn on their bikes handing out flyers on FAMILY BIKE TOUR coming up with one in July on a Saturday and one in August on a Sunday.

Sometimes I fear I might get over-run with this event but I expect the Lord to protect me on that...and NOT teach me a lesson!!! Dave and Lynn did a great job working the crowds with their bikes and words and Karen and Carol let that display banner and logo speak for all of us!! I walked the route with Jirah and Nissi as they carried their backpacks. People loved it of course and many kids came out to pet them. 3/4 way through the parade Nis got sorta weary so I let her go in the van. At that time then I was free with Jirah to approach the lines of people and talk to them, shake hands with vets and relax. I was certainly not relaxed at first and I would most certainly know that would be understood. AND THE VAN...yes....Jerry as passenger pointing to vets saying.. "LET FREEDOM RING" was fun to watch and Jacque did a SUPERB JOB managing the van...with it loosie front end and no brake lights. (opps, she doesn't know that!!). We also had one of Lynns girls and a ten year old fellow who is one of my friends sons passing out flyers and they did a GREAT JOB...Lacey and Wyatt..THANK YOU....enjoy your pay!! and then I had two girls from Molalla streets who gave us a hand 1/2 the way. Just under 2000 flyers later the kids were tired. By the way Jerry...I "FOUND" my pack I expected to wear because I did not plan on having the dogs the whole has about 300 flyers...MOAN!!! Thank you for using the business cards but also, thank you for leaving me some. We were getting great responses. People on the parade route would say.."We saw your article in the sports page..." and there is something about a radio ad I dont' know about. I went to the rodeo and got stopped several times because I had the same shirt on and people commenting about the pictures on the van etc. It was great.

Sheri, the exect.pres of the Chamber of Commerce just told me there were 93 enteries (down about 15+ from last year) and of that amount there were 28 'floats' and four bands. LOL we were followed by the BIG Budweiser truck...ahead of us was a dog grooming outfit handing out dog treats etc. This is the biggest parade in Oregon I believe or at least in the area except for those parades connected with Rose Festival. 20,000 people strong!!! The 'announcer' had very good things to say about can check with the others on that. His name is Grant Sharp and he was very complimentary!!!!! Everyone is very complimentary.

That is the latest...thank you Dave, Lynn, Jacque, Jerry, Karen and Carol....I enjoyed the parade and you...I trust you feel the same. Unfortunately however we only got to see a 'speck' of the parade and missed three churches, the Christian Riders Association (friends of mine) and the Christian Clown organization that was there.