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By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

All sports, have different equipment needs..please be prepared with the proper equipment, clothing changes, food, drinks, and, money if needed. If you are uncertain what you need, please call any guide. PLEASE bring ... $3.00 carpool money, to help the driver with expenses.....Thank you.


If Your Group would like a one day or two day raft trip that is " FUN and SAFE " , please contact the Upward Trails Office ......503-630-4385 Karen Graves. Thank You

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UPWARD TRAILS --2004!!!--

Upwardtrails Weddings

APRIL 17th..Sat..2004 Upwardtails WEDDING Gail and Dan

--Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area

October 2nd -2004-Sat.-Big Upwardtrails Wedding -- Jim and Polly -- at Cedar Mills Bible Church ---

--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area --Picture of Area

UPWARD TRAILS --2005!!!--

SPECIAL EVENT...SATURDAY NIGHT SEPTEMBER 10th..(if sky is clear)......8pm at the UPward Trails, WIngs as Eagles Ranch.......telescope and binnocular the sky for a view of MARS. Drive home or stay the night. Bring bedding. Snacks and breakfast will be served.
For information call Dave and Lynn at 503-668-8950 or Karen at 503-630-4385
--Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --Picture of Guides --" Pictures of The Ranch "

UPWARD TRAILS --2006!!!--

July 15th...2006..Sat.. Canoe, raft,Trip Cancelled. .

The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

(If you are NOT getting the schedule by email...and would like to, please call 503-630-4385 or email the office......I have messsed up our addresses some.

Thank you...Karen) ___
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Give the schedule address to a friend -:) Please!!


Give the schedule address to a others -:) Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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