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By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

All sports, have different equipment needs..please be prepared with the proper equipment, clothing changes, food, drinks, and, money if needed. If you are uncertain what you need, please call any guide. PLEASE bring ... $4.00 carpool money, to help the driver with expenses.....Thank you.

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UPWARDTRAILS - 2003 --2007!!!--

MAY 18th....SUNDAY.2003....Practice for the early June backpack...with the pack animals. Hike around Timber Park and some country area leading our donkeys and horses. After the hike, yes, we can saddle up if you want to ride.

If you want to ride please call Karen at 503-667-3405 for reservation.

No charge but limited. No experience necessary.
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UPWARDTRAILS - 2004!!!--

APRIL 9th and 10th..2004...FRIDAY NIGHT and/or SATURDAY EASTER EGG DYING WITH HIKING AND BIKING OPTIONS Option to camp at DESCHUTES STATE PARK or drive out the Gorge to bring us morning fresh coffee Saturday!!!! Enjoy a quiet away from city noise sleep and SATURDAY.....short hiking, mountain bike option AND bring boiled or raw eggs to COLOR. DYE will be supplied. Bring a lawn chair and a warm jacket. Enjoy the day with Karen and her family and two 4 1/2 month old puppies!!

Call Karen for details at 503-667-3405
--Picture of Guides For reservation for your campsite at the State Park call the State Park reservation line at 1-800-452-5687

B-A June 26 --27th... 2004...-NEW trip for Upward Trails!! Primitive car camping trip. Travel up the Gorge to Biggs Junction then over to Congdon. Follow down to the Fossil ice cream shop and the towns hillside to hunt for Fossils. Bring a small shovel or large trowel. Continue to a painted hills rest area and then about 4 miles up a dirt, rough road. (No low cars or large rv's). At the camp there will be casual hiking over some painted hills and up a dirt road and/or along the John Day River. There is no drinking water so everyone must bring plenty of water. There is a store in Fossil. Sunday morning we will go up over the hills and drop into Antelope for breakfast, stop at the 'living ghost town' of Shaniko, continue down to the Gorge and home. ONE night 'primitive' camping. Primitive means no cabins, running water, campsites. We just ENJOY the area and the wilderness countryside.

For a list of suggestions call Karen at 503-312-1722
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JULY 17th AND 18th.-2004- Day hike UP "SLEEPING BEAUTY" and/or spend the night with Karen and her family camping. Drive to Trout Lake, Washington area for a favorite camping area. Trust the sky to be clear so the stars can be wonderfully on display. This is a car camping overnighter. Primitive. Small rv's welcome.

For information call Karen at 503-312-1722.

OR---for a LONGER trip....Join Dave and Lynn at CRATER LAKE. Take a short hike to the headwaters of the Rogue River and a nice hike UP Mt. Scott. Fantastic views.

For information on this trip call Dave and Lynn at 503-668-8950. RV's welcome.
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AUGUST 21st -Sat.-2004- DAY HIKE with an OVERNIGHT OPTION Primitive camping but not to far from civilization this time Hike into pretty RAMONA FALLS. Next day hike the 'workout' hike UP to YOKUM RIDGE....the high ridge on the East side of Mt. Hood...above timberline...across the canyon from Paradise Park.

For information call Dave and Lynn at 503-668-8950
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UPWARDTRAILS - 2005!!!--

SEPTEMBER 24th Saturday and 25th.Sunday...2005..Car camp with Karen and family. Drive to BONNIE MEADOWS on the south side of Mt. Hood. Hike about 1/2 mile to the ridge where research is counting the raptors that fly the "Hawk Highway" South for the winter. Bring binnoculars to spot and identify the birds. Watch the Hawk Watch people trap and band and release. All camping self-sufficient although a stove will be provided. Day trippers welcome.
Call Karen at the Upward Trails office at 503-630-4385
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UPWARDTRAILS - 2006!!!--

JULY ..2006--

July 7-8...2006..Sat.. –Short overnighter Fri-Sat. to Ramona Falls. 2 m. Friday night to campsite. Saturday hikers join Jacque to hike in to meet the campers, then continue another 2 miles to the Falls. 7 miles total moderate hike.
Call Dave & Lynn 503-668-8950.and call Jacque at 503-663-0711

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July 29th...2006..Sat.. –Timberline Lodge to Barlow Pass. 5.5 m. Easy downhill with car shuttle. Optional overnighter:*** Spend the night at Twin Lakes, then hike out to Wapanitia Pass the next morning or continue on to Little Crater Lake Sunday evening.*** Join Dave & Lynn as they begin their backpacking trip to Crater Lake N.P. 668-8950
Call Dave & Lynn 503-668-8950.

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AUGUST ..2006--

UPCOMING in August – Join Dave & Lynn along the way for their 275-mile backpacking trip from Timberline Lodge to Crater Lake National Park. LORD willing. Watch this site for more information.

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August 4th...2007..Sat. – Easy Overnight backpack trip up the SALMON RIVER. 4 miles total.
Call Dave 503-668-8950 or Jim 503-644-2344.
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August 11th...to Sept. 1st--2007..Sat.

– Cool summer fun! Bring a camera, Join Lynn and Dave for three week hiking and camping trip.
Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.
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The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

(If you are NOT getting the schedule by email...and would like to, please call 503-630-4385 or email the office......I have messsed up our addresses some.

Thank you...Karen) ___
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