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Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

February 28th
3 mile hike + 6 mile drive*** 8 hikers ***

Cloudy & warm

This refuge is about a mile north of Ridgefield, WA along the Columbia River floodplain. We entered the refuge by crossing a pedestrian overpass which spans 3 railroad tracks. Turning right, the first thing we saw was this rather strange-looking building which has no windows, no chimney, and only one or two nearly-camouflaged doors. Here’s what the brochure says about it:

Looking out across the wetlands, we found a bald eagle on his shift, posing for the tourists.

There were some amazing oak trees out here. One in particular was really tempting us to climb it.

We rambled over hills among ponds and other waterways before stopping for lunch.

We waited on a pedestrian overpass for a train to pass.

After hiking back to our cars, we drove to the River S Unit, for a drive through a section which is only open to cars. As the signs kept reminding us, our cars served as our ‘blinds," So we saw a lot more birds from our cars than we did on foot.



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