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Champoeg State Park

February 7th
3 paved miles*** 8-10 hikers including 1 new, 6 dogs***

Clear & warm

We all met at the info center in the park where we introduced ourselves and all the dogs to each other. After exploring the inside of the little info center/bookstore/museum, we walked down the paved path and across the first field. We crossed a road near a Frisbee "Golf" course. The trail has been cleared of its winter debris, leaving a park setting of oak leaf-covered grass. After several minutes, we turned onto a dirt trail which follows the Willamette. There’s a ramp which leads down to a dock where we could see cormorants on the river.

This area is the site of the first government in Oregon and was sectioned off to be a town at one time. You can still see posts marking the would-be streets. The town was abandoned when major floods repeatedly drowned this site several feet deep.

Near here, there’s an old log cabin museum which was closed when we were there.

While having lunch at a picnic table across from the cabin, 2 ladies asked us if we were with Upward Trails. They turned out to be 2 of the people who intended to meet and hike with us, but missed us at the trailhead. They had already hiked the way we were headed, so I gave them a map and showed the way back to where we started. Then we continued a short distance down the trail till we came to the pavilion. In front of it is a plaque with the names of 52 people who voted in favor of the first American government on the west coast in 1843.

Another plaque explained the rows of trees in this area. 50 trees were planted here 100 years after the vote of 1843.

We followed a sunny, paved path back across a mostly open field to the visitor center where we started.

We hope to ride these paved trails on bikes soon.



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