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Lake Sacajawea

MAY 30th, 2009
16 easy miles***3 people ***

Really nice weather

This is probably the prettiest inner-city park there is. We met Sue at the Gateway P&R, then drove up to Longview, WA. We started riding from the south side of the lake on the smooth, hard-packed gravel path which follows the shores of Lake Sacagawea. There’s 5 bridges over the lake, 3 of them road bridges and 2 pedestrian.In order to avoid the auto traffic,

there’s a pedestrian underpass for each road bridge.The shallow waters near the shore are filled with yellow irises and waterlilies in full bloom.

We rode past flowers, fountains and fishing docks. A beautiful bridge leads over to the Japanese Island.

These cars were there for a wedding party. Along the way, we rode through an azalea garden and a rhododendron garden. The road is lined with beautiful houses and churches including Longview’s first church which is a large, castle-style, stone building with a bell tower that chimes music every half hour.

After visiting a few garage sales, we rode out to RA Long Park to see the famous Squirrel Bridge and library. Then through the historic district.

We parted ways back at the lake. By this time, it was getting hot, so Dave & I rode back through the historic district till we found an old-fashioned ice-cream shop where we ate things we shouldn’t have. So we saw a lot more birds from our cars than we did on foot.

After driving such a long way to get here, I wanted to get in as much riding as possible, so we looped around the lake again.

And, of course, we needed to ride off those sundaes. This ride has certainly become a new favorite for us, so we went back in June and we’ll certainly be visiting some more in the future.