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By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

All sports, have different equipment needs..please be prepared with the proper equipment, clothing changes, food, drinks, and, money if needed. If you are uncertain what you need, call any guide. Bring ... $4.00 carpool money, to give the driver, to help with expenses.....Thank you.

For those, who would like to receive a printed schedule, an annual donation of $5.00 to cover the cost of postage and printing would be appreciated.

For the Molalla/Oregon City Hiking schedule, please contact Karen Graves 503-919-9027, UpwardTrails@aol.com.

OR To add your name to our " Upwardtrails " mailing list, please call Lynn @ 503-668-8950, UpwardTrailsmail@wbcable.net

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January 2017

Snowshoe.Thursday.Jan.5th.2017.New! Thursday Snowshoe to serene & beautiful Twin Lakes. 5 miles total. 700' gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Snowshoe.Sat.Jan.14th.2017.New! Snowshoe White River Canyon with up-close views of Mt. Hood. 3 miles round trip. Call Robert 360-513-9244

Sat.Jan.21st.2017.New! Join Trudi and welcome our new Assistant Guide, Seth's new bride, Michelle, while Cross-country skiing to Teacup Lake. Call Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Jan.28th.2017.New! Snowshoe Bennett Pass. 3.8 miiles 267' gain. 9 miles past Gov. Camp to Trailhead at Mt Hood Meadows turnoff. Snow Shoe rental, Snow Park Pass, restroom available at trailhead. (40 m. from Sandy) Call Ron 503-333-8419.

February 2017

Friday.Feb.3rd.2017.New! – Friday Cross-country ski to Trillium Lake. 5-6 miles. (30 miles from Sandy) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.


It's time to hike in the Gorge. Hike up the Ruckel Creek Trail in the Columbia River Gorge. From 4-6 miles. Call Jim 503-718-7774

Sat.Feb.11th.2017.New! New Hike the wooded 1.5 miles of trails near WSU, then over to the paved Salmon Creek trail for some extra mileage. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.Feb.18th.2017.New! Government Camp Crosstown Trail climbs from the Enid Lake loop to the Summit Ski area at the top of Government Camp. A gentle climb through the woods behind Government Camp and a wonderful downhill ski run back to the Glacier View Snow Park. 5.6 miles round trip. Call Trudi 503-484-7998

Thurs.Feb.23rd.2017.New! Snowshoe with Seth, will be snowshoeing around Trillium Lake Thursday the 23rd. If you'd like to join him, call him at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Feb.25th.2017.New! Hike about 4 miles of trails through Tryon Creek State Park. Kid friendly. Dogs on leashes only. Can be muddy this time of year. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

March 2017

Sat.Mar.4th.2017.New! Hike along the fairly new Cazadero Trail that runs along Hwy. 224 starting at the high trestle near Eagle Creek going north. We'll try to get 5 miles in on this level trail. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

Sunday.Mar.5th.2017.New! Come after Church for a Short Sunday Stroll along the Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton. See the wintering waterfowl on this 3 mile trail with little or no elevation gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Mar.11th.2017.New! Majestic Falls (2)New See the Majestic Falls and other falls of the McDowell Creek area. 2.2 miles. Call Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudi 503-484-7998

Sunday.Mar.12th.2017.New! 12th – Guide Meeting

Sat.Mar.18th.2017.New! Hike up the ever-popular Eagle Creek Gorge about 8-10 miles. This trail is never steep but does have some serious cliffs. Dogs on leash only, please. You'll be passing some of the most-photographed waterfalls in Oregon. (24 m. from Troutdale) Call Jim 503-718-7774.

Sat.Mar.25th.2017.New! We'll pass 4 waterfalls as we hike the Starvation Creek area. Then we'll drive up and see how the newly expanded section of the Columbia State Trail is coming along. Easy 4 mile hike. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

April 2017

Sat.Apr.1st.2017.New! New! Cape Lookout State Park Hike North to the Beach. 5 miles down & back or 3 miles + beach walk with shuttle. 800' loss/gain. (76 m. from meeting place.) Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Apr.8th.2017.New! 2 beautiful Columbia Gorge hikes: Wahclella & Elowah Falls. 4 miles, 680' gain total. (22 m. from meeting place.) Call Jim or Polly 503-718-7774.

Friday.Apr.14th.2017.New! New! Columbia Hills State Park 5 miles goal and 500' gain. Wildlfower meadows, streams, and birds. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Apr.15th.2017.New! Sandy River Park Trail hike. We'll hike past the new high school down to the river and do some exploring along the river and Cedar Creek. About 3 miles with 600' gain total. Call Dave 503-668-8950

Sat.Apr.22nd.2017.New! New! Let's explore the gardens at Jenkins Estate, then hike the trails on Cooper Mountain on the west side of Portland. Then we'll go see if the camas are blooming at Camille Park. No Dogs allowed on Cooper Mt. (13 m. from 185th) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Apr.29th.2017.New! New! Green Leaf Falls hike. 10+ miles. Could be a challenging 1000' gain. (30 m. from L&C SP) Call Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

May 2017

Sat.May.6th.2017.New! New! See the flower display on Saddle Mt. Great views. Get a good workout hiking to the top for views of the coast. 5.2 miles, 1600' gain. Exposure. Dogs on leash. (62 miles from 185th) Call Ron 503-333-8419.

Thursday.May.11th.2017.New! New! Trappist Abbey out of McMinnville. 800' gain to top of hill to shrine overlooking the wine country. 4 miles round trip. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.May.13th.2017.New! New! Bike Ride the The Dalles Riverfront Bike Trail. Start at the Discovery Center Museum and ride along the river to The Dalles and back. The flowers should be in bloom. (62 m. from L&C SP) Call Dave 503-668-8950 or Jim 503-718-7774.

Sat.May.20th.2017.New! New! Hike to the top of Dog Mt. Conquer a very popular mountain. Difficult climb to extensive views of the Gorge. Spectacular flower display. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your dogs. 7 mile strenuous loop. (40 m. from L&C SP) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.May.27th.2017.New! New! New! Bike Ride the level, paved, Trolley Trail in Gladstone. We'll pass through neighborhoods, wetlands, and parks on this old, converted Trolley Line. About 15 miles. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

June 2017

Sat.June.3rd.2017.New! New! Rescheduling the rained-out McDowell Creek Falls hike followed by a short hike at Waterloo Park and a visit to the Lebanon Strawberry Festival. About 4 miles. (16 m. from Lebanon) Call Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sun.June.4th.2017.New! Guide Meeting

Sat.June.10th.2017.New! New! For a different view of Trillium Lake, hike a 2-mile, level trail of gravel & boardwalk around it. (31 miles from Sandy) Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Thurs.June.15th.2017.New! New!-New! Soda Falls on the South Santiam river. There is a cave and other waterfalls and trails in the area to see. 2.6 miles Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.June.17th.2017.New! New!- New! By setting up a car shuttle, we can hike 7 easy miles one way along Falls Creek past the 250' triple-drop falls. (51 m. from L&C SP) Call Ron 503-333-8419 or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.June.24th.2017.New! New!- Hike the east side of Mt. Hood to the top of Lookout Mountain for some far-reaching views. 6.2 miles. (54 m. from Sandy) Call Jim or Polly 503-718-7774.

July 2017

Sat.July.1st.2017.New! - Ride the easy, paved Twin Tunnels Trail from Hood River to Mosier. 10 miles out & back on this old section of the original scenic highway. 960' gain. 48 m. from L&C SP. Call Lynn 503-668-8950, Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Thurs.July.13th.2017.New! New!- Hike Windy Ridge toward Loowit Falls on Mt. St. Helens. 900' gain. If we make it to the falls its 9.2 miles round. We can stop at the 3.5 mark and head back depending on strength of the group. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.July.15th.2017.New! New!– Hike to beautiful Tamanawas Falls on the East side of Mt. Hood. Get a view from behind this thundering waterfall. 5.6 mile moderately easy loop. 900' gain. 48 m. from Sandy Call Jim or Polly 503-718-7774 or Trudy Good 503-648-9267.

Thurs.July.20th.2017.New! New!-Hike Windy Ridge toward Loowit Falls on Mt. St. Helens. 900' gain. If we make it to the falls its 9.2 miles round. We can stop at the 3.5 mark and head back depending on strength of the group. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.July.22nd.2017. - Lost Lake Hike, 3.4 easy miles, 100' elevation gain around the lake, dog friendly. Good swimming. 49 m. from Sandy Call Trudi 503-484-7998.

August 2017

Sat.August.5th.2017. - Backpacking or Day Hike on the east side of Indian Heaven Wilderness.73 m. from Troutdale. Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Aug.12th.2017.New.Canceled !! - New! Maple Trail hike in the middle section of Forest Park. 7.7 miles. Moderate hike. 400' gain. Call Trudi 503-484-7998.

Thurs.August.17th.2017. - Rooster Rock near Table Rock out of Molalla. 2.8 miles round but can make hike longer by hiking toward Table Rock. 1400' gain. 25 miles from Molalla Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

– See the many waterfalls on this rescheduled Lewis River Hike. 7 miles out and back. 500' gain. 86 m. from Portland Call Robert 360-513-9244.

- New! Oregon Coast Rail Ride out of Tillamook. We'll be riding pedal cars that seat 4 per car. This is a 2-hour level ride. $22 each. 63 m. from Meeting place. Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

September 2017

2nd - Labor Day Weekend

Sat.Sept.9th.2017.New - New! A rescheduled hike up to Silcox Hut. We'll go as high as the top of "The Mile" lift. Then turn around for views of Timothy Lake and Mt. Jefferson. 3 mile loop, 1100' elevation gain. We'll be climbing a steep hill with no water available. Dogs not recommended. 35 m. from meeting place. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Thurs.Sept.14th.2017.New – Devils Punch Bowl and hike beach to Beverly Beach. 5-6 miles total. Just a couple hundred feet loss/gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Sept.16th.2017.New - Portland Waterfront Bike Ride on a level, paved trail. 12-14 miles. Starting at Sellwood Park, across Steel Bridge back along Water Front Park to Tillicum Crossing Bridge and back to cars. Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Lynn 503-668-8950

- Columbia River Trail Bike Ride in The Dalles. 15 miles, mostly level with one short hill. 62 m. from Troutdale Call Dave 503-668-8950.

The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

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