By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

All sports, have different equipment needs..please be prepared with the proper equipment, clothing changes, food, drinks, and, money if needed. If you are uncertain what you need, call any guide. Bring ... $4.00 carpool money, to give the driver, to help with expenses.....Thank you.

For those, who would like to receive a printed schedule, an annual donation of $5.00 to cover the cost of postage and printing would be appreciated.

For the Molalla/Oregon City Hiking schedule, please contact Karen Graves 503-919-9027, UpwardTrails@aol.com.

OR To add your name to our " Upwardtrails " mailing list, please call Lynn @ 503-668-8950, UpwardTrailsmail@wbcable.net

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Sat.Jan.5th See the many falls of the Silver Falls Trail. Up to 7 miles. Call Trudy 503-648-9267 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Jan.12th New... Wildlife hike to a local refuge. Probably either Ridgefield or Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. These are mostly level hikes and at least 2 miles. Attraction is wintering waterfowl from Alaska as well as others. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Jan.19th Bennet Pass Snowshoe. ? Miles. Call Ron 503-644-0065.

Sat.Jan.20thGuide Meeting.

Sat.Jan.26th New..2012. Snowshoe Mirror Lake. A great place to see Mt. Hood across the frozen lake. 3.2 miles total. (27.5 m. from meeting place) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Dave 503-668-8950


Sat.Feb.2nd 2013 2nd – Cross Country Ski to Teacup Lake or Pocket Creek to help Seth celebrate his 40th birthday. Hope to stop at Paola’s Pizza in Sandy afterward. About 4 miles total. (40 m. from meeting place) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Feb.9th 2013 New Ride the paved, level trails of North Bonneville. 9 miles. (32 m. from meeting place) Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950

Sat.Feb.16th New... Hike Forest Park’s Balch Creek Canyon past the old ruins to the Wildwood Trail and back on the Holman Lane Trail. 4.8 mile loop. 500’ gain. Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.


Sat.Feb.23rd New... Level meandering among the wildlife at La Center Wetlands. (28 m. from meeting place) Call Ron 503-644-0065 or Trudy 503-648-9267.


Sat.Mar. 2nd. New... Rescheduled: Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, then over to Tualatin Hills Nature Park. Hope to cover 5 miles. Mixed trails: gravel, paved, boardwalks. No elevation gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Mar. 9th. Hike a scenic portion of the Pacific Crest Trail to 70ft. Dry Creek Falls, then past some strange pinnacles and another 40ft. waterfall in the Gorge. 5 miles one way with shuttle. 900’ gain. (26 m. from meeting place) Call Lynn 503-668-8950, Trudi 503-484-7998, or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.Mar. 16th. Hike the wild Molalla River. Aquilla Vista is a mile hike UP a road then a loop around a pretty big wetland, waterfalls, beaver dam, photogenic, viewpoint, etc. This is located just before Quarry Trail, so could include Shot Gun Falls afterwards. Total 3.5 difficult miles. (18 m. from meeting place) Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Mar. 23rd. New... Hike the other Lewis River from Lucia Falls to Moulton Falls and Lackamas Creek. (No parking fees) About 6 miles. (36 m. from meeting place) Call Ron 503-644-0065 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.Mar. 30th. New... Ride the level, paved trails in the Smith & Bybee Lakes area. Up to 20 miles out & back. Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.


Sat.Apr. 6th. Tillamook Spit level hike. 8.4 mile loop. (71 m. from meeting place) Call Jim or Polly 503-718-7774.

Sat.Apr. 13th.New... Back to the Klickitat River Trail. Check out a new section of the trail along Swale Creek. Attractions are small seasonal and non-seasonal waterfalls, flowers and birds. Hope to do at least 6 miles total. (76 m. from meeting place) Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Apr. 20th.New... Springwater Trail level, paved bike ride. West Gresham to 205, then north till we want to turn back. Call Dave 503-668-8950 or Jim 503-718-7774.

Sat.Apr. 27th. Hike the beautiful and challenging Coyote Wall past a waterfall and flowers up to a cliffside overlook. 5.8 miles. Moderately steep. 600’ gain. (54 m. from meeting place) Call Ron 503-644-0065.


Sat.May. 4th.New... Reschedule Coast Range Waterfall fest. Hike into Oregon’s own Niagara Falls and Pheasant Falls. Short hike so hope to drive to coast afterwards. 2 miles easy round trip. 360’ gain. Plus see a few other falls in the Coast Range. Possibly over to Cascade Head. Kid friendly. (70 m. from meeting place) Call Seth at 503-522-7205, Trudi 503-484-7998, or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.May. 11th. Trudy’s annual challenge: Hike the classic Dog Mt. workout. Amazing flower display. Check your dogs for ticks afterwards. 7 mile loop. 2800’ gain. (40 m. from meeting place) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.May. 18th. Hike to 100’ Henline Falls. Explore a mine shaft while you’re at it. Then follow the Little North Santiam River up to a possible total of 9 miles. 900’ elevation gain. (60 m. from Molalla) Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Double Feature:

Sat.May. 25th. See the flower display on Saddle Mt. Hard, but worth it. Great views. Get a good workout hiking to the top for views of the coast. 5.2 miles, 1600’ gain. Exposure. Dogs on leash. (62 miles from meeting) Call Ron 503-644-0065 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.May. 25th - 27th New.. Hike to 100’ Henline Falls. Explore a mine shaft while you’re at it. Then follow the Little North Santiam River up to a possible total of 9 miles. 900’ elevation gain. (60 m. from Molalla) Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Lynn 503-668-8950.


Sat.June 8th. Hike the classic TRIPLE FALLS LOOP. Photo trip of 4 splendid falls, Horsetail, Pony Tail, Oneonta, and Triple Falls. A favorite of many Upward Trails hikers. 4.5 mile Loop with a great "behind the scene" experience as you walk through the cave under Pony Tail. 600' gain. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.June 15th.New.. Volkswalk comes to Molalla! The Valley Volkswalkers will host a 6 and 10K walk through the downtown area and out on the Molalla Forest Road. Participants can start any time between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. and finish by 4 p.m. Strollers welcome. The club is collecting athletic shoes to be given to the homeless. Call or text Karen at 503-919-9027. Upwardtrails@aol.com or email Bettie Lou at BLCO1@q.com.

Sat.June 22nd. Ride Fort Vancouver. Explore the ruins of the old fort ($3), then follow the Columbia River waterfront trail. About 12 miles easy riding. Call Lynn 503-668-8950

Sat.June 29th.New.. Hike to Aquilla Vista on the Molalla River. See the wetlands, pond, falls, beaver dam. 3.5 miles with an option to add to it for those who want. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.


Sat.July 4th. Come represent Upward Trails at the Molalla Parade. Decorate your bikes, wear your packs, carry the UT banner, or drive. Help hand out flyers to promote Upward Trails trips. About a 2.5 mile level route.
For info call Karen at 503-919-9027.

Sat.July 6th.New.. Hike a 3.3 mile loop of Lava Canyon 900' elevation gain. This particular trail does have a couple of hairy spots. I will investigate while there to see if we want to continue on. The trail has a suspension bridge and a 40' ladder. Then we can extend the hike by going over to Ape canyon and hike as far as everyone is willing to go or hike The Trail of 2 Forests. (75 m. from meeting) Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat. July 13th. Ride the Banks-Vernonia Rail Line all the way through from Vernonia to Banks. Let’s get a shuttle to ride our bikes from the Lake on into Banks, crossing major trestles along the way. 22 miles of fun, paved trails with shuttle. Gentle grade. (36 m. from meeting) Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.July 20th.New.. 20th - Hike the beautiful Trail of 10 Falls at Silver Falls State Park. A few of these falls, you can walk behind. About 7 miles, 600' gain. (48 m. from Oregon City) Call Trudy 503-648-9267 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.July 27th.New.. Dave & I will be celebrating his 60th birthday along the southern Oregon Coast. Sorry, I can’t give any more details than that as it’s a surprise; even Dave doesn’t know where we’re going, but if you’d like details and you can keep a secret, give me a call. Lynn 503-668-8950.


Sat.Aug. 3rd New.. Fort to Sea. Hike from Historic FORT CLATSOP down to Sunset Beach. 6.5 miles one way mostly down, with shuttle bus back from the beach or we can shuttle our cars if enough come. 340' gain. (87 m. from Cedar Mill.) Call Ron 503-644-0065 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Sat.Aug. 10th New.. Memaloose Lake/South Fork Mountain. 4.8 miles round trip. 1400' gain. Clackamas River area. Keep an eye out for bear. (21 m. from Estacada) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Aug. 17th.. Back by request: TRIPLE FALLS LOOP. Photo trip of 4 splendid falls, Horsetail, Pony Tail, Oneonta, and Triple Falls. A favorite of many Upward Trails hikers. 4.5 mile Loop with a great "behind the scene" experience as you walk through the cave under Pony Tail Falls. 600' gain. (22 m. from L&C SP) Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267 or Trudi 503-484-7998..

Sun.Aug. 18th.. Guide meeting.

Sat.Aug. 24th New.. Hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Indian Heaven to Mosquito Lake, WA. We'll be facing Mt. Adams along the way so we should get some good views. 3.9 miles one way mostly downhill if we have enough to do a shuttle. (77 m. from meeting) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Aug. 31st.. Upper and Lower Shellburg Falls...plus STASSEL FALLS. Pump some fresh drinking water from a hand-pump well. 5.5 mile loop, 640' gain. Then ice cream at the Ginger Bread House for folks who want. This is very camera ready and hiking mainly on dirt road. Dogs only on leash please. (40 m. from Molalla) Call Lynn 503-668-8950..


Sat.Sep.. 7th.. 14th – See the falls of Elowah and McCord Creek then up to Wahcella Falls. 4.5 miles moderately steep. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Sep.. 14th.. Up high on Mt Hood's Northeast side. Hike the very scenic and difficult Cooper Spur Trail starting high above the trees. Within minutes you’ll be close to glaciers and snowfields. Difficult 8.2 mile loop , 2800’ gain, to Tie-in Rock with Jim. We’ll go as high as we safely can. We’ll need to get an early start on this one. (63 miles from Sandy including 9 m. gravel.) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Dave 503-668-8950.

Sat.Sep.. 21st. Hike to beautiful Mirror Lake to see Mt. Hood reflected in the Lake. Then, for a bigger challenge, leave the crowds behind and hike to the top of Tom Dick Ridge for far-ranging views. 6.4 miles total. Moderately steep. Easy 2.8 mile option: Turn back at Mirror Lake. (27.5 m. from Sandy) Call Dave 503-668-8950.

Sat.Sep.. 28th.. Follow the crystal clear waters of Opal Creek past Sawmill Falls to historic, “off the grid” Jawbone Flats. See some beautiful waterfalls and the pristine Opal Pool. 7.1 mile loop through a town. 200’ gain. Or if fishing doesn’t look good, we’ll take a challenging hike up Table Rock for distant views of the Molalla Valley. 6.6 mile total, 1500’ gain. New! (60 m. from Molalla) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.


Sat.Oct.. 5th. 5th - New! See the roaring Falls City Falls, then follow a new trail system along the Little Luckiamute River to see some more falls. (65 m. from Oregon City) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Oct.. 12th.. Ride the ferry across the Columbia River for some easy bike riding through serene farmland past a historic church on Puget Island. 10 level, paved miles – can’t beat that. $3 for the car, or park your car and spend 50 cents to take your bike across. Then stop by to see the Flippin Mansion on the way home. (68 m. from Beaverton) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Oct.. 19th. Mitchell Point and more. Hike up Mitchell Point, 2.2 miles round trip. 1040’ gain. Then add a short, level walk along a portion of the old highway to the west. Watch for ticks, poison oak, and rattle snakes. Try to find a geocache or two there. Also hope to drive to Hood River for apple festival afterwards. (40 m. from Troutdale) Call Seth at 503-522-7205

Sat.Oct.. 26th.. Angel’s Rest. Moderately steep 4.2 mile loop. 1500’ gain. (11 m. from Troutdale) Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Trudy 503-648-9267.



Ride the level, paved Vancouver Lake trail out to the Columbia and back. About 12 miles. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.


Daylight Saving Ends. Set your clocks back

Cross a high suspension bridge to overlook stunning, 75’ Drift Creek Falls near Lincoln City. If there’s time, take in the Road’s End Trail afterward. (83 m. from Beaverton) Call Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.Nov.. 16th..New See the numerous falls of Lewis River. Up to 80’ high falls. Easy hiking along the River. 7 miles out and back. 500’ gain. (91 m. from Gateway) Or, if the weather’s bad, we’ll hike the Trail of 2 Forests. See Mt. St. Helens lava cast forest and small caves. If we have time, we could check out Ape Caves. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Nov.. 23rd.. 23rd - Hike an old Stagecoach road in the Gorge from Chanticleer Point down. to near Rooster Rock. Then go have a look at the burned out house where Twighlight was filmed. About 3 miles total. (9 m. from Troutdale) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Nov.. 24th..Guide Meeting

Sat.Nov.. 28th..Happy Thanksgiving !!!


Sat.Dec.7th.New. See the Christmas Lights displays. We’ll drive to and walk through 3 different light displays – Carver, The Christmas Fantasy Trail, and another one out near Estacada. Walking will be about ½ mile total. One of the trails is through the woods, the other 2 are paved. Dress warm, snow boots might be needed. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Dec.14th.New. Brightwood Nature Park. Hike along a nice wooded creek with 2 waterfall. About 2 or 3 miles, 200’ gain. We can drive up to Wildwood if we need more exercise. If there’s too much snow, we’ll hike the Springwater trail to wooded Gresham area. This hike walks along wetlands and a creek, then eventually to 2 man-made lakes and a waterfall. 4 miles total, about 300-400’ gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205

Sat.Dec.21ST.New. Lower Salmon River. Short, steep section to get started, then gentle, rolling hills along the river through an old growth forest. 5.2 miles round trip, 100’ gain. Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Trudy 503-648-9267.


Sat.Jan.4th.2014.. New Years snowshoe to Enid Lake, on Mt. Hood. Nice loop to small lake and creek. About 2 miles or more. 200’ gain possible. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Jan.11th.New..2014. Hike around Reed Lake, then over to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. 150’ gain, 3 mile walk. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Jan.18th.2014.. 18th – Snowshoe Bennett Pass. May need chains and drivers need Snow Pass. Watch the weather forecasts. It is the same exit as Mt Hood Meadows. Distance, 1.9 miles one way, 3.8 Round trip. Hope to see you there. (40 m. from Sandy) Call Ron Janzen cell 503-333-8419

The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

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