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General Information--

All sports, have different equipment needs..please be prepared with the proper equipment, clothing changes, food, drinks, and, money if needed. If you are uncertain what you need, call any guide. Bring ... $4.00 carpool money, to give the driver, to help with expenses.....Thank you.

For those, who would like to receive a printed schedule, an annual donation of $5.00 to cover the cost of postage and printing would be appreciated.

For the Molalla/Oregon City Hiking schedule, please contact Karen Graves 503-919-9027, UpwardTrails@aol.com.

OR To add your name to our " Upwardtrails " mailing list, please call Lynn @ 503-668-8950, UpwardTrailsmail@wbcable.net

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Sat.Jan.4th.2014.. New Years snowshoe to Enid Lake, on Mt. Hood. Nice loop to small lake and creek. About 2 miles or more. 200’ gain possible. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Jan.11th.New..2014. Hike around Reed Lake, then over to the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens. 150’ gain, 3 mile walk. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Jan.18th.2014.. 18th – Snowshoe Bennett Pass. May need chains and drivers need Snow Pass. Watch the weather forecasts. It is the same exit as Mt Hood Meadows. Distance, 1.9 miles one way, 3.8 Round trip. Hope to see you there. (40 m. from Sandy) Call Ron Janzen cell 503-333-8419

Sat.Jan.25th.2014.. Beginner Cross-country ski. We’ll teach you some basics, Then ski to Sahalie Falls at the base of a historic bridge. 2 miles of groomed trails on a section of the old highway 35. Gentle hill up, then a fun glide down. Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Trudi 503-484-7998


Sat.Feb..1st.2014.New. Mt. Adams area X-country ski. Ski groomed logging roads. Gain and mileage unknown yet. (Pine side or Smith Butte area or out of Carson/Wind River Road.) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Feb..8th.2014.New. Hike along an old railroad bed on the new Cazadaro Trail in Boring. A total of 6 miles of level, hard-packed trail, no elevation gain. With an optional extension along the newly paved Springwater trail heading toward Gresham. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

Sat.Feb..15th.2014.New. Take a page from Portland Hill Walks. We’ll start at the base of the hill in North Portland, then head up a series of hills and stairs leading up into Forest Park and descend along Balch Canyon back to where we started. 400’ gain; 4.5 miles. A combination of woods and pavement. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267. Guide Trudy sent me this note: Lynn, I did a Portland Hills hike on Tuesday this week; it was great, and demanding. Loved all those steps, and the views were amazing.

Sat.Feb..22nd.2014 Snowshoe Mirror Lake. Can be challenging, depending on the snow level. 1.4 m., 700’ gain to the lake; 2.8 miles total. Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Dave 503-668-8950.


Sat.Mar..1st.2014.New. Another page from Portland Hillwalks: Lair Hill to OHSU Loop. Get a good workout without getting bogged down in the mud. 410’ gain, 4 miles. On a clear day, we’ll get good views from the aerial walkway high above the city. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Mar..8th.2014.New. Nice Gorge hikes to Wahcella, Upper McCord Creek and Elowah Falls. Overall should be around 5 miles total maybe more depending on how strong the group feels. Elevation gain should be no more than 500ft. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sunday.Mar..9th.2014.New. Guide meeting, probably at Trudi’s new house.

Sat.Mar..15th.2014.New. Slide Creek Falls in the Gales Creek area. 6 miles or more round trip. Could be 500’ gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Mar.29th.2014 The Springwater Trail is now paved all the way to Boring. Let's meet in Gresham and ride out to Boring and back. 11 miles level, off road riding. We can easily add more for those who want to. Call Dave or Lynn 503-668-8950.

April, 2014

Sat.Apr.5th.2014New Come meet the Upward Trails’ guides at the Wilderness International Creation Care Summit at Western Seminary on the base of Mt. Tabor. Then go for a hike on Mt. Tabor. This is an all day event, so drop in whenever you can. For info on the Creation Summit, Call Seth at 503-522-7205. For info on the hike, call Lynn at 503-668-8950.

Sat.Apr.12th.2014.New Klickatat River Trail. Another new section into the more scenic Swale Creek Canyon. About 5 miles with less than 500’ elevation gain. Watch for ticks and poison oak. (76 m. from L&C SP) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Apr.19th.2014New Hike the newly restored Cazadero Trail starting in Boring. 6 miles total of level, gravel path down & back. Call Dave at 503-668-8950.

Sat.Apr.26th.2014New Flower photo hike along The Dalles Mt. Road from the Ranch to Stacker Butte. No Dogs allowed and no shade on this hike, so plan accordingly if it’s hot. 5.4 miles, 1100’ gain. (79 m. from L&C SP, including 5 m. gravel) Call Lynn at 503-668-8950.

May, 2014

Sat.May.3rd.2014.New Ride the newly paved section of The Springwater Trail from Gresham to Boring and back. 11 level miles + extra for those who wish. Call Dave at 503-668-8950 or Jim 503-718-7774.

Sat.May.10th.2014. See the flower display on Saddle Mt. Hard, but worth it. Great views. Get a good workout hiking to the top for views of the coast. 5.2 miles, 1600’ gain. Exposure. Dogs on leash. (62 miles from meeting) Call Ron 503-333-8419.

Sat.May.17th.2014.New Baskett Slough trails near Salem. We will climb small buttes named Mt. Baldy and Baskett Butte with open meadows and oaks to a beautiful viewpoint overlooking Willamette Valley. Also hike to Morgan Lake and wildlife trails. 5 or more miles is the goal. 260’ gain. (13.5 m. from Salem) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.May.24th.2014New Try again for the Portland Hillwalks in North Portland. Head up a series of hills and stairs leading up into Forest Park and descend along Balch Canyon back to where we started. 400’ gain; 4.5 miles. A combination of trail and pavement. Call Lynn at 503-668-8950 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Mon.May.26th.2014.New Memorial Day overnighter at Steens Mt.. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.May.31st.2014 Hike to beautiful RAMONA FALLS. One of the most popular trails in the Mt. Hood forest with a refreshing falls falling over a rocky hillside. Some Mt. Hood views along the way. 7.1 miles loop moderate hike. 1000’ elevation gain over 3.5 miles. (25 m. from Sandy) Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Lynn at 503-668-8950.

June, 2014

Sat.June.7rd.2014.New Hike to the top of Dog Mt. This has become the guides’ favorite annual tradition. Difficult climb to extensive views up & down the Gorge. Spectacular flower display. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your dogs. Watch for snakes & ticks. 7 mile loop. 2820’ elevation gain. (40 m. from L&C SP) Call Ron 503-333-8419, Jim 503-718-7774, or Trudy 503-648-9267.

OR: If you’d like to try an easier version of this hike, we’ll take it easy to the lower viewpoint. We can continue if the group wants to go to the next open view. Either way, we’ll return on the seldom-used, original trail through the woods which has its own collection of wildflowers. 3.8 miles, 1860’ gain or 4.8 miles total, with 2405’ gain. For the easier route, call Lynn at 503-668-8950 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sat.June.14th.2014.New Hike Cascade Head for some beautiful views of the coast. We’ll be starting at sea level and climbing to 1300’. 6.2 miles total. No dogs allowed on this Nature Conservancy Trail. (72.5 m. from Sherwood) Call Lynn at 503-668-8950 or Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sun.June.15th.2014.New Guide Meeting.

Sat.June.21st.2014. Fort to Sea. Hike from Historic FORT CLATSOP to Sunset Beach. 6.5 miles one way down, with shuttle bus back from the beach or we can shuttle our cars if enough come. (87 m. from 185th McDs) Call Ron 503-333-8419 or Jim 503-718-7774.

Sat.June 28th.2014New A few options depending on how many come on this trip near Detroit, We’ll hike ½ mile, 310’ gain, up to Phantom Bridge, then 1.5 miles, 880’, down to Opal Lake for a total of 4 miles, 1200’ gain. (77 miles from Molalla, including 7 m. gravel) Or set up a car shuttle and continue 1.3 miles past Dog Tooth Rock down to another trailhead for a total of 5 miles, (85 miles from Molalla, including 15 m. gravel) Call Lynn at 503-668-8950.

July, 2014

Frid.July.4th.2014. 4th - Come represent Upward Trails at the Molalla Parade. Walk, ride, or drive. Decorate your bikes, wear your packs, carry the UT banner, or drive. About a 2.5 mile level route.

Sat.July.5th.2014.New Table Rock, Molalla River Corridor! 1500’ elevation gain. 7.2 miles round trip. Possibly continue to Rooster Rock – 2600’ gain and 10 miles round trip. Awesome views of 3 Sisters, Broken top, 3-Finger Jack, Mts. Washington, Jefferson, Hood, Adams, St. Helens, Rainier and Mary’s Peak. (44.5 m. from Oregon City) Call Seth at 503-522-7205

Sat.July.12th.2014.New Trying again to reach the summit of Dog Mt. If you wanted to go earlier, here’s your chance. 7 miles round trip. 3000’ gain. (40 m. from L&C SP) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy 503-648-9267

Sat.July.19th.2014. We’ve done it the hard way, now let’s try it the easy way… Cascade Head from the top down. When we were there in June, it looked like all the flowers were about to open in a few weeks so they should be looking good about now. The road will be open so Dave and I will provide a car shuttle to hike it 4.4 miles one way. (72.5 m. from Sherwood) Call Lynn at 503-668-8950

Sat.July 26th.2014New Hike the Trail of 10 Falls in Silver Falls State Park. Walk behind some of these falls. 7.1 mile loop. 600' gain. (48 m. from Oregon City) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy 503-648-9267


August, 2014

Sat.Aug.2nd.2014.New Hike the beautiful Mt. Adams Meadows and Bird Creek Meadows. Then we’ll hike part of the Round the Mt. Trail to a waterfall and lava bed area. We’ll try to get at least 6 miles total with a 900’ gain. Rough road. (87 m. from L&C SP) Call Seth at 503-522-7205

Sat.Aug.9th.2014.New Now hike the other side of Mt. Adams. Dave will provide a shuttle so we can hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Indian Heaven to Mosquito Lake. We'll be facing Mt. Adams along the way so we should get some good views. 3.9 miles one way mostly downhill. (77 m. from meeting) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Aug.23rd.2014. Lewis River Falls. See several waterfalls, up to 80’, on this easy hike. 7 miles out and back. 500’ gain. (91 m. from Gateway) Trudi 503-484-7998.


September, 2014

Sat.Sept.6th.2014.New Central Oregon Caves and Lava Lands tour. Plant to visit Boyd’s Cave, Redmond Caves, Hidden Forest Cave, and Bat Cave. We also plan to drive down and see the Lava Cast Forest. This is and overnighter. We plant to camp one night but if you want to stay somewhere else and meet me somewhere in Bend or Redmond, then let me know. Very little mileage because of scrambling and rough conditions. Call Seth at 503-522-7205

Sat.Sept.13th.2014.New Ever popular Eagle Creek in the Columbia Gorge. 12 miles but easy elevation gain. There’s so many waterfalls that the mileage goes by quickly. Exposure; keep dogs on leash. 1000’ gain spread out over 6 miles. (24 m. from meeting place) Call Jim 503-718-7774, Trudy 503-648-9267, or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Sun.Sept.14th.2014.New Guide Meeting

Sat.Sept.20th.2014. Portland Hillwalk. Nob Hill to Kings Heights and Pittock Mansion Loop. We’ll be doing up to 6.75 miles with several options to bug out early and shorten the hike. 800’ elevation gain. We’ll be climbing 7 flights of stairs if you do the full route. It’s $5.50 to tour Pittock Mansion, but that’s optional. Bring a blanket in your car; after the hike, we’ll get dinner, then sit in the park and watch the swift migration from Wallace Park. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

October, 2014

Sat.Oct.4th.2014.New Tillamook Spit. Coast range mountains, Barview Jetty, and a long, wide Sandy Beach. 8.1 miles level hiking in the sand. (71 m. from meeting place) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Dave 503-668-8950.

Sat.Oct.11th.2014.New New! Ride the new section of the Columbia River State Trail. We’ll start at the west end at go east over Toothrock Tunnel and back. About 10 miles of rolling hills. Call Lynn 503-668-8950

Sat.Oct.18th.2014. Mitchell Point and Hood River Apple Festival. We’ll hike up Mitchell Point, 2.2 miles round trip, 1040’ gain. Then we’ll drive to Hood River for the apple festival afterwards. May also hike a portion of Old Hwy. 30, weather permitting. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Oct.25th.2014. Northern Forest Park. 5.7 mile loop from Newberry Road. 400’ gain. OR if enough people come, we can do a 5 mile hike to Germantown Road with car shuttle. Call Trudi 503-484-7998.

November, 2014

Sat.Nov.1st.2014.New New! Walk the level, historic Whistle Punk Trail near Bunker Hill, Washington. 1.5 mile loop. Then we’ll go explore the short, easy Hemlock Trail. Call Lynn 503-668-8950

Sat.Nov.8th.2014.New New! Oxbow Park. 3.9 mile loop with a 200’ gain. Switchbacks through red cedars, sword ferns, and cottonwoods at Oxbow River bend. Call Trudi at 503-484-7998.

Sat.Nov.15th.2014. See the fall colors along the Wilson River. 6.6 miles. Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy 503-648-9267

Sat.Nov.22nd.2014. Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge to Boot and Carty Lakes. Come see wintering waterfowl in the wetlands. 2.7 mile loop, 20’ gain. We may also go to La Center Wetlands for more exercise. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Thur.Nov.27th.2014. HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Sat.Nov.29th.2014. oPEN

December, 2014

Sat.Dec.6th.2014.New Hike another section of Forest Park from Springville Road to Linnton and back. About 5 miles with 4 to 6 staircases. 700’ gain. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Dec.13th.2014.New 13th - New! Hike along Tryon Creek from the headwaters to the Willamette River. We’ll connect several parks as we follow the creek from beginning to end. About 7 miles mostly downhill. Then we can walk down the road to see a couple of mansions. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

.Dec.14th.2014. Guide Meeting

Sat.Dec.20th.2014.New Starting a new tradition: Seth’s December suburban hike. This year I will focus on Happy Valley. We’ll visit Happy Valley Nature Park, Happy Valley Park, and Mt. Scott Creek. This will be at least 5 miles total. Possibly 300-400’gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Thurs.Dec.25th.2014. MERRY CHRISTMAS

The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

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