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By: Karen Graves - Director

General Information--

Many of you who hike with us have particular trails you especially enjoy. If you would like to hike with our staff on a favorite trail of yours, this holds true for cross-county ski or snowshoe trips upcoming also. Let us know. Thanks.
FOR SAFE HIKING.....PLEASE BRING PLENTY OF FOOD, WATER, RAIN GEAR when needed, AN UMBRELLA AND A CHANGE OF SOCKS OR SHOES FOR THE RIDE HOME..and $4.00 carpool money, to help the driver with expenses.....Thank you.

January 2016

Sat.Jan.2nd.2016.New! 2nd – White River snowshoe on Mt. Hood's other side. 3 miles round trip with 200’ gain. (37 m. from Sandy.) Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Robert 360-513-9244.

Sat.Jan.9th.2016.New! We'll attempt a hike in Forest Park if it's not flooded out. Mileage to be determined. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Jan.16th.2016.New! Cross-country ski Teacup Lake or Pocket Creek. With its turns and small hills, this is a fun challenge for any skier. (40 m. from Sandy.) Call Trudi 503-484-7998, Trudy 503-648-9267

Sat.Jan.23rd.2016.New! New! Easy, level hike on the Tickle Creek Trail In Sandy. 3.5 miles on this rather new trail through the woods along my old stomping grounds. As kids we played in this creek long before there was ever a house down in those woods. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Jan.30th.2016.New! We'll explore the old stone house ruins and Franz Lake near Skamania, then drive to Camas for a level hike in the Steigerwald Lake Wildlife Refuge. 3 miles no hills. (80 m. driving loop from meeting place) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

February 2016

Sat.Feb.6th.2016.New! Seth’s annual Birthday Cross-country ski trip around Trillium Lake. 5 Miles or more depending on starting point. Walk the hill! Great views of Mt. Hood across this beautiful frozen lake. Stop at Paola's Pizza in Sandy afterwards. (35 m. from Sandy) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Feb.20th.2016.New! An easy trail with one small hill up the Tanner Creek trail takes you past a small waterfall to beautiful Wahclella Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. 2 miles round trip. Then tour the fish hatchery and ladder at bonneview dam. (23 m. from meeting place) Call Karen 503-919-9027.

Sat.Feb.27th.2016.New! Call Trudi 503-484-7998 for info on this one.

March 2016

Sat.Mar.5th.2016.New! Plan A: An easy waterfall hike at Starvation Creek in the Gorge. We will see 4 waterfalls: Starvation Creek, Cabin Creek, Hole-in-the-Wall, and Lancaster. 2.5 miles, 200' gain. (42 m. from meeting place) If this doesn't work out, we go to Plan B and hike about 5 miles in McGiver Park near Estacada. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Sat.Mar.12th.2016.New! Guide meeting and media show. At the last meeting we voted to have our Winter and Spring guide meetings on Saturday instead of Sunday for a few reasons: Our hike often gets rained out anyway and the days are so short for long drives. And, as you can see, we thought it would be fun to combine the Spring meeting with an annual media show. This a good time to bring your friends, slide shows, photo albums, videos, stories, and of course, food. At the last one, we shared a rap song written on a long back-packing trip (I guess we were out on the trail too long) Call one of the guides for info.

Sat.Mar.19th.2016.New! New! Still trying to do the 4 mile Portland Hillwalk which has been rained out a couple of times. Numerous Staircases including some long ones. I'm trying to get in shape for this one. We'll be going from Portland Heights down through the Park Blocks and up to Vista Ave. We'll get a good workout climbing 400+ stairs. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Mar.26th.2016.New! New! Here's a place we haven't been in a long time with 360o views from this old lookout. We'll start at Bonneville Hot Springs and hike a new trail to the summit of Aldrich Butte, then take a recently reopened trail which makes this into a 4.5 mile loop. 1100’ gain. (35 miles from meeting place) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

April 2016

Sat.Apr.9th.2016.New! New! We'll hike up to see a large waterfall and the flowers blooming in Columbia Hills State Park on the Washington side. At least 5 miles. Could be up to 800' gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Lynn 503-668-8950.

Sat.Apr.16th.2016.New! New! Hike a level, paved trail along the Clackamas River, then the Gladstone Trolley Trail. Call Lynn 503-668-8950

Sat.Apr.23rd.2016.New! See the numerous falls of Lewis River. Up to 80’ high falls. Easy hiking along the River. 7 miles out and back. 500’ gain. (91 m. from Gateway) Call Trudi 503-484-7998

Sat.Apr.30th.2016.New! New! Walk on the abandoned Salmonberry Railroad Line. Hike through 2 tunnels and over 2 trestles. 12 miles round trip. This trail is level, but a bit challenging as you walk on old RR ties. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

May 2016

Sat.May.7th.2016.New! See the flower display on Saddle Mt. Great views. A moderate climb to the top for views of the coast. 5.2 miles, 1600’ gain. Exposure. Dogs on leash. (62 miles from 185th) Call Ron 503-333-8419

Sat.May.14th.2016.New! New! A good workout to Greenleaf Falls at the base of Table Mt. 1340' gain. 9 miles total. Call Seth at 503-522-7205 or Robert 360-513-9244.

Sat.May.21st.2016.New!Double Feature: Double Feature:CarNew! Hike along Astoria's waterfront, then climb 125' to the top of the Astor Column. Moderately difficult. Get a good workout hiking to the top for views of the coast. Only 164 steps to the top. Exposure. About 5 miles. We'll try to get done in time to tour the Flavel house afterward, then see some waterfalls on the way home. Call Lynn 503-668-8950 Mirror Lake


Sat.May.21st.2016.New!Double Feature: Double Feature:For something a little closer to home, hike to beautiful Mirror Lake to see Mt. Hood reflected in the Lake. Then, for a bigger challenge, leave the crowds behind and hike to the top of Tom Dick Ridge for far-ranging views. 6.4 miles total. 1500' gain. Moderately steep. Or take the Easy 2.8 mile option: Turn back at Mirror Lake. (27.5 m. from meeting place) Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Biker.Sat.May.28th.2016.New! New! Ride the level, paved Springwater Trail. We'll start near Gresham, ride west, then south along the 205 trail. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

May.30th.2016.New!Memorial Day BirdTentCarA Memorial Day extra – Road trip to Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge. Mostly a birding and wildlife trip but lots of scenery. Short hikes and a cave. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

June 2016

Hiking.Sat.Jun.4th.2016.New! Hike to the top of Dog Mt. This has become an annual tradition. Difficult climb to extensive views up & down the Gorge. Spectacular flower display. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your dogs. Watch for snakes & ticks. 7 mile loop. 2820’ elevation gain. (40 m. from L&C SP) Call Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Guide Meeting.Jun.5th.2016.New! 5th – Guide Meeting

Hiking.Sat.Jun.11th.2016.New! New! Visit the Western Antique Auto and Air Museum in Hood River, then ride the Old Scenic Columbia Gorge Highway in an antique car. Then we’ll do a short hike in the Gorge. (50 m. from Troutdale) Call Lynn 503-668-8950

Hiking.Sat.Jun.18th.2016.New! Hike Windy Ridge to the Plains of Abraham. Up close and personal on the flanks of Mt. St. Helens. 8 miles possible. 500’ gain. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Hiking.Sat.Jun.25th.2016.New! New! Let's celebrate Sherry's birthday by hiking down to the beach from Cape Lookout to Netart's Spit. 800' elevation gain. 5 miles total. (76 m. from meeting place.) Call Lynn 503-668-8950

July 2016

Hiking.Sat.July.2nd.2016.New! New! Triangulation Peak and Boca Cave in the Mt. Jefferson area. 4.2 miles total; 700' gain. (98 m. from Oregon City) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Hiking.Sat.July.9th.2016.New! Let’s hike a 4.6 m. gentle loop from Lucia Falls to Moulton Falls, crossing a scenic, arched bridge and visiting Big Tree Falls along the way, then back. The last time we were here on a wet, Spring day, we watched salmon jumping the falls. Afterward, we’ll drive up the road to see Sunset Falls and try to find Horseshoe Falls. (47 miles from Gateway TC) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.July.16th.2016.New! Celebrate Lynn's birthday with a hike to the top of Chinidere Mt. for 360o views from the top. See one of the best wildflower displays in the Gorge, along the way, then cool off with a swim in Wahtum Lake afterward. 4.5 miles total with 1100' gain. (60 miles from Sandy) Call Lynn 503-668-8950 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Hiking.Sat.July.23rd.2016.New! New! Come camp out and see 286' Salt Creek Falls + 4 other waterfalls near Willamette Pass in Southern Oregon. Hike 6.6 miles total. Call Robert 360-513-9244 or Trudi 503-484-7998.

Hiking.Sat.July.30th.2016.New! The guides will be taking a day to attend Seth and Michelle's wedding.

August 2016

Hiking.Sat.Aug.6th.2016.New! Hike Cape Falcon in Oswald West State Park on the Coast. 4.8 mile hike round trip; 1000' gain. (88 miles from 185th) Call Ron 503-333-8419.

Hiking.Sat.Aug.13th.2016.New! Tamanawas Falls– New! Join Robert, our newest guide, on an easy day hike to 100' Tamanawas Falls on the east side of Mt. Hood. 4-5 mile hike with 500' gain. (48 m. from Sandy.) Call Robert 360-513-9244 if you'd like to hike to the falls.

Hiking.Sat.Aug.20th.2016.New! 20th – Double feature: Do a day hike in the Molalla Corridor to Rooster Rock. 2.8 miles round trip, 1400' gain. If this is too short, we can scramble over to Table Rock. That would add and extra mile and 200' more gain. (25 miles from Molalla) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Or: Hike up Bluegrass Ridge to Elk Meadows for a 3-night backpacking trip with Dave & Lynn, Jim & Polly. 18 miles total; 2600' gain. (48 m. from Sandy.) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Aug.27th.2016.New! New! Pass Red Lake and several others on this hike near Mt. Jefferson. 6.6 miles with shuttle. 1400' elevation loss + 400' optional gain to the top of Potato Butte. (65 miles from Estacada) Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Lynn 503-668-8950

September 2016

Hiking.Sat.Sept.3rd.2016.New! Let's ride The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver. We can ride one way, mostly downhill about 10-12 miles with a shuttle. (16 miles from Gateway) Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Sept.10th.2016.New! Hike up the Bonanza Trail to the Bonanza Mine passing a waterfall on Cheeney Creek in the Wildwood area near Mt. Hood. 6 miles total, 900' gain. (19 miles from Sandy) Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Hiking.Sat.Sept.17th.2016.New! Downhill hiking: Dave & Lynn will help shuttle to the top of Larch Mt. for a one way hike down to be picked up at 620' Multnomah Falls. You'll pass several waterfalls along this 7.5 mile route with a loss of 4000'. (20 miles from Troutdale) Call Trudi 503-484-7998 or Trudy 503-648-9267.

Hiking.Sat.Sept.24th.2016.New! New! See the graceful 50' Umbrella Falls near Mt. Hood Meadows. 6 miles total; 800' gain. (40 m. from Sandy) Call Jim 503-718-7774 or Trudy

October 2016

Hiking.Sat– DOUBLE FEATURE:.New!
Hiking.Sat.Oct.1st.2016.New! Up high on Mt Hood's Northeast side. Hike the very scenic and difficult COOPER SPUR Trail starting high above the trees. Within minutes you’ll be close to glaciers and snowfields. Difficult 8.2 mile loop , 2800’ gain, to Tie-in Rock. 63 miles from meeting place including 9 m. gravel. Call Robert 360-513-9244

Biking.Sat.Oct.1st.2016.New! Ride the TWIN TUNNELS TRAIL from Hood River to Mosier. 10 easy, paved miles out & back on this old section of the original scenic highway. 960' gain. 48 m. from L&C SP Call Dave 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Oct.8th.2016.New! Hood River Apple Festival and MITCHELL POINT hike. 3.5 miles total. Short, but steep 1040' gain. 42 m. from L&C SP Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Hiking.Sat.Oct.15th.2016.New! Hike from the town of Sandy down to the SANDY RIVER and climb back up. About 3 miles. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Oct.22nd.2016.New! Hike CAPE FALCON in Oswald West State Park on the Coast. 4.8 mile hike round trip; 300' gain. Be prepared for a rough, rooty trail. (88 miles from 185th) Call Trudi 503-484-7998

Hiking.Sat.Oct.29th.2016.New! Hike 5 miles or bike 10 nearly level miles on the old CLACKAMAS RIVER ROAD which has been converted to a trail. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

November 2016

Hiking.Sat.Nov.5th.2016.New! Cross a small suspension bridge on this moderate hike to 250’ triple-drop falls. FALLS CREEK FALLS, Washington. 6.3 mile loop to top of falls. We'll also stop and see Panther Creek Falls. 1150’ gain. (51 m. from L&C SP) Call Robert 360-513-9244

Hiking.Sat.Nov.12th.2016.New! A flat hike along the fairly new CAZADERO TRAIL that runs along Hwy. 224 between Estacada and Eagle Creek. We'll try to get 5 miles in. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Bike.Sat.Nov.19th.2016.New! NEW Ride the level, paved, TROLLEY TRAIL in Gladstone. We'll pass through neighborhoods, wetlands, and parks on this old, converted Trolley Line. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Nov.26nd.2016.New! Walk off dinner at on a 3.9 mile loop along the Sandy River at OXBOW PARK. 200' gain. 8 miles from Gresham. Call Trudi 503-484-7998

December 2016

Hiking.Sat.Dec.3rd.2016.New! NEW .See the fall colors as you hike 7.7 miles on the MAPLE TRAIL in Forest Park. 500' gain. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Dec.10th.2016.New! FANNO CREEK TRAIL in Beaverton. Hope to get at least 5 miles total and very little elevation gain if at all. Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

Hiking.Sun.Dec.11th.2016.New! 11TH – Guide Meeting

Hiking.Sat.Dec.17th.2016.New! NEW We'll hike my own version of a "Portland Hillwalk" going through the Cornell Road tunnels. Then stay to see the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS at Pittock Mansion. Call Lynn 503-668-8950.

Hiking.Sat.Dec.31st.2016.New! NEW Hike about 3 miles on COOPER MT. the west side. 6 miles from 185th. Call Trudy 503-648-9267 or Lynn 503-668-8950.

(If you are NOT getting the schedule by email...and would like to, please call 503-630-4385 or email the office......I have messsed up our addresses some.
Thank you...Karen) ___
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